10 Reasons We Enjoyed Studying The Solar System

1) How Great is He?!!: Honestly, if we weren't believers before then we certainly would be now! What an
                                  Amazing God!!

2)  Its somewhere.... out there!!: What a wonderful way to help Bambina understand the magnitude of  
                                                      the universe in which we live.

3) Lots of hands on activities: We stuck, we painted, we played with dough, we drew...the list goes on!

4) So much to learn: Bambina soaked in so much because she was so interested in the topic

5) So many resources: This unit was embarrassingly easy to prepare. There is so much out there

6) YouTube: We watched some fantastic space stuff. Her favourite was the Space episode of  The Magic
                     School Bus which she watched over and over again. She was learning all the time too. Bonus!!

7) Perfect unit for the new "school year": Although we home-school year round, we get "serious" in
                                                                     September. This unit was a great opener.

8) Leaves behind great evidence: Just in case the inspector calls, we have loads of evidence of work
                                                        from this unit. Not something I worry about overly but its always good
                                                        to have some bits.

9) I learn as well: I'm in school too!

10) She enjoyed herself!: The best reason of them all

So that's it for this week.

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  1. All of these except for 5 and 8. Our daughter's homeschool is mostly online so we don't need to laminate anything. (Not to say I don't want one.:))

    My iPad is also a huge thing I would be lost without. Love the apps!!

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