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Ok so here's my first product review. I will be giving my honest and fair opinion under the following categories.
 1) Website
2) What is sold & cost of items
3) Ordering Process & Communications after ordering
4) Packaging
                                                      5) Products 
                                                      6) Would I recommend it; why / why not

The Hijab Shop is an online store based in the UK run by Victoria, a sister who is a revert to Islam. Based on her difficulties in finding scarves that she liked and wanted to wear, she started her own company (info based on the "About Me" page on the website).
The website is . There is also a YouTube channel and Facebook page of the same name. 

1) Website; The website is very easy to navigate and caught my eye straight away. I liked the layout and the 
 fantastic descriptions of the items. What stood out for me was the way the owner has categorised the kinds of scarves and gives the dimensions for each one! Very unusual. This  attention to detail is what makes the website such a pleasure to  navigate. Lovely pictures too. The colours and imagery are lovely and as soon as you click on, you feel right at home. A very professional site all together. 

2) What is sold & cost of Items; Hijabs, Bonnets, Pins, Brooches & Slides, Hijab bands, Neck covers and  Arm Sleeves are sold.  I was pleasantly surprised. Prices start from as low as £2.99 and go no 
higher than £15. For the quality of the scarves I ordered (more info below), I felt that the prices were pretty good. You can also get some  really great bargains in the Sale and Reduced to Clear sections. Note that 
the RTC section has items that have "faults". However they seem to be very slight faults and from a review on YouTube done by TheHijabiGirl who has bought scarves from this section, they were barely visible. I will 
definately be keeping my eye on that section in the future (smile). The average cost of a scarf is £5.50-£6.99 and the vast majority are in this price range, although you can get plain pashminas for £3.99. 
The "exclusive" pins and brooches are lovely and at an average of £3.99, very reasonably priced. Dangerously so in fact!!!! You can have a "shopping basket" filled very quickly. Delivery is free (to UK) on orders over £50 or £2.50 under. For other countries, delivery is between 3.99-£4.99.  Payment can be made by Paypal or a variety of credit and debit cards.

3) Ordering Process & Communications after ordering; The ordering porcess is extremely simple and easy to do. I ordered and paid in a flash, before any doubts sent in LOL, I used PayPal and it was very quick. Immediately after the transaction was succesfully processed, I received an email from Hijab Fashion Shop saying thankyou for making the order and that it was in process and would be dispatched as soon as possible. A great touch!! It felt really personal and was very quick. A day later I received an email stating that my order had been dispatched and would be with me within 2-5 days via standard post. You can pay extra for faster delivery but I wouldn't because mine came this morning!! Barely 48 hours from ordering on Monday evening (almost Tuesday morning)!!! 

4) Packaging; Well the package didn't last very long as my daughter gets very excited and rips them open!! Well we both do!! LOL!! 
The package was pink (reminiscent of the PearlDaisy Ltd packaging actually). Everything was beautifully packaged and in particular the hijab brooch I purchased was double wrapped in bubble wrap which I thought was a very nice touch. Inside was a business card and a compliment slip. The card had a 2011 calendar on the back and the compliment slip wished all customers a Blessed Ramadan and Happy Eid. These touches made me feel special and valued as a customer. 
As an extra special touch, a small bag of multi coloured straight pins were included. This was a free gift and certainly made me smile. Very sweet.

Both scarves that I had ordered came in seperate bags. 

Overall I felt the packaging was excellent and the little extra touches set HijabFashionShop apart. 

5) Products;  I ordered the Swirl Brooch £5.99 (a lovely Eid gift for a friend), the Latte Silky scarf £5.99 and the Deep Steel Softness Scarf £5.50. Standard delivery was £2.50. So altogether a spend of £19.98. 

The Swirl Brooch is lovely. Good quality with large stones and it was quite weighty so it felt well made. Very classy.

The Latte Scarf  from the Silky range is gorgeous!!!!! I am totally in love! It is soft and a lovely golden beige colour with a soft sheen that picks up the light around it. The scarf is a lovely size and I can't wait to wear it. My only reservation is that whilst I expected a light fabric, I didn't expect it to be quite so delicate. I am a little concerned that it won't hold up well to the tugging and pulling that my scarves suffer daily (smile). Also I am wondering which pins (if any) to use for fear of putting holes in it. Perhaps a scarf for occassional use only? But don't get me wrong, it is a stunner!!

The Deep Steel Scarf from the Softness range is also very beautiful. A deep, intense grey. Made from the same fabric as the scarf above but with a matt finish. It's a scarf I can definately see myself wearing often once I figure out how to get past the issues outlined above. I must say though that this scarf had 3 very small runs in it. Nothing noticeable enough to return and I think it is inevitable with these kinds of fabrics. Another reason I am wary about pinning these ones.

Overall I am happy with my purchases. Although I was certainly not expecting them to be quite so delicate. Perhaps a note in the description regarding this would be beneficial?

6) Would I recommend Hijab Fashion Shop: YES!!!!! The range of products, the prices, the customer service and speed of delivery would all definately have me returning to this website. Pocket permitting - LOL!!!
It's already in my bookmarks and once you have a look at the site it will be in yours too.

Thanks for reading

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